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Dense medium cyclone is a kind of device which utilizes centrifugal force to separate materials according to specific gravity in the medium. The raw material to be treated is suspended in a very fine medium. The pulp is fed to three product dense medium cyclone through the inlet to short cylindrical section by the force of gravity. Separation is made in the cone-shaped part of the cyclone. GTEK gravity feed three product dense medium cyclones are capable of not only separating coal particles but also concentrating and the heavy media at the same time, which makes it possible to use single low density heavy medium, instead of using both low and high densities, to produce three qualified clean, middling, and reject products at one time. The first stage cyclone is in cylinder shape which makes density field uniform and materials separated accurately based on the given heavy medium density. The second stage cyclone with conventional (cylinder + con) shape is designed to enlarge separation density difference between the two stages in order to achieve high separation density in the second cyclone.


GTEK dense medium cyclones are widely used in the coal, iron ore and diamond industries for dense medium separation.

Features & Benefits

1. There is no requirement for desliming and sizing of raw coal fed to dense medium cyclone circuit
2. Raw coal is fed to the center of cyclone under the force of gravity, and medium is admitted tangentially by pumps
3. Using single low density heavy medium suspension to accurately separate the run-of-mine coal into qualified clean coal, middling, and refuse products
4. High precision and maximum efficiency of separation, suitable for preparation of difficult to clean coals
5. Little breakage impact raw coal feed, which reduces slime produced during the preparation
6. Manufactured from mild steel and lined with wear resistant alumina tiles, compact structure, and easy operation with little possibility of blockage
7. Lower capital investment and reduced operating cost

gravity feed three product dense medium cyclone
dense medium cyclone
dense medium cyclone sector
dense medium cyclone sector
Specification of Gravity Feed Three Product Dense Medium Cyclones
Model Cylinder Diameter
of 1st Sector
Cylinder Diameter
of 2nd Sector
1400/1050 1400 1050 ≤100 0.17-0.33 350-500
1300/920 1300 920 ≤90 0.15-0.28 300-450
1200/850 1200 850 ≤85 0.13-0.25 280-400
1100/780 1100 780 ≤75 0.12-0.22 230-350
1000/700 1000 700 ≤70 0.11-0.19 180-300
900/650 900 650 ≤65 0.10-0.17 130-240
850/600 850 600 ≤60 0.09-0.15 100-180
700/500 700 500 ≤50 0.08-0.13 70-120
600/400 600 400 ≤40 0.07-0.11 50-70
500/350 500 350 ≤35 0.06-0.10 25-50
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