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GTEK SP/SPR vertical sump pump is of vertical cantilevered design with hard alloy wear parts or full rubber covering option which can run continuously in abrasive and corrosive pumping environment. Vertical slurry pumps from GTEK not only provide excellent wear life properties, but also operate efficiently to further reduce operating costs. There are no submerged bearings or packing with a unique high capacity double suction design. Optional recessed impeller and suction agitator are available. GTEK SP/SPR heavy duty sump pumps are available in various standard length to suit different sump length.

Bearing Assembly
The vertical cantilever design with no gland or submerged bearings avoids the need for expensive gland or bearing flushing water.
Back Liner
The opened back liner allows plenty of room for the oversized shaft with slurry to pass through and pump from the top and bottom. The top suction draws the slurry away from the drive end.
Casings are made of cast high chrome alloy steel with rubber or metal lined option.
Double suction impellers create low axial bearing loads, increasing bearing life. Impellers are available in rubber-lined and metal-lined option.
Lower Strainer
The lower strainers keep large foreign material entering the casing.


The rugged SP/SPR vertical sump pump with either hard metal or rubber covering are suitable for the following applications:

- Minerals Processing
- Coal Preparation
- Industrial Sand and Aggregate
- Power Plants
- Chemical Processing
- Effluent Handling

Features & Benefits

1. Cantilever design without submerged bearings or shaft seal
2. High capacity double suction design
3. Agitator option keeps solids in suspension
4. Wear parts are available in variety of different material
5. Optional recessed impeller for oversized material
6. Open and semi-open impeller available
7. SPR models features full rubber covering for corrosion resistance

vertical slurry pump
hard metal construction sump pump
rubber covered construction sump pump
Specification of Vertical Slurry Pumps
Model Allowable Power
P (kW)
Clean Water Performance
Q (m³/hr)
H (m)
n (r/min)
Top Efficiency
η (%)
Impeller Diameter
D (mm)
Max. Feed Size
40P-SP(R) 15 17-43.2 4-28.5 1000-2200 40 188 12 300
65Q-SP(R) 30 18-114 5-31.5 700-1500 60 280 15 500
100R-SP(R) 75 54-289 5-36 500-1200 62 370 32 920
150S-SP(R) 110 108-479 8.5-40 500-1000 52 450 45 1737
200S-SP(R) 110 189-891 6.5-37 400-850 64 520 65 2800
250T-SP(R) 200 360-1150 7-33 400-750 60 575 65 3700
300T-SP(R) 200 540-1548 5.5-26 350-700 60 580 65 3940

SP: Sump Pump - Hard Metal Construction
SPR: Sump Pump - Rubber Covered Construction

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