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GTEK Hydrocyclone Liners



GTEK is your cost-effective option for wear linings of all major brands of hydrocyclones. We can custom manufacture where required. Depending on your requirements, we recommend the best wear material suited to your needs.
The materials we offer include:
Silicon Carbide


GTEK are committed to excellence in customer service and satisfaction. We offer our customers options and through our hydrocyclone wear linings, we aim to reduce your maintenance time and costs and achieve consistent performance from your hydrocyclones.

Features & Benefits

- Spigot or Apex
- Vortex Finders
- Feed Chamber
- Overflow Pipes
- Cone Partssun and Cylinder Parts
- Adapters

GTEK Hydrocyclone Liners have proven high quality and cost effectiveness by in-field use of our clients worldwide:
1. Superior abrasion resistance for long wear life
2. Dimensional accuracy for highly efficient performance
3. Improved abrasion characteristics allows for consistent and enhanced separation
4. More cost effective than comparable materials

rubber hydrocyclone liner
alumina ceramic hydrocyclone liner
silicon carbide hydrocyclone liner
polyurethane and silicon carbide hydrocyclone liner.
rubber and alumina ceramic hydrocyclone liner.
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