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GTEK high frequency dewatering screens are highly versatile and well suited for heavy duty applications in sand and aggregates, mining and mineral processing industries. We combine the highest levels of design, quality, and performance to operate consistently in even the most demanding conditions. Slurry is fed uniformly to one end of the screen. The solid material is retained on the screen while the water drains from the bed and flows through the screens. The vibration induces the bed of solids to move along the screen at a velocity that is a complex function of the mechanical action and of the properties of the bed itself. Vibration on the dewatering screens is produced by two out-of-balance vibrating motors counter-rotating to provide linear motion. The screen deck slops upwards at 5° and is fitted with slotted apertures.


GTEK offers a vast range of dewatering screens for use in a variety of applications:

- Replacement of rake classifier, rotary sand screw equipment in dewatering applications
- Dewatering of mineral concentrates
- Tailings dewatering
- Dewatering of sand and aggregate
- Dewatering activated carbon in CIP circuits
- Coal fines dewatering

Features & Benefits

1. High capacity with high frequency and high "G" vibration
2. Very efficient separation
3. Robust construction for improved product life
4. Long life of polyurethane modular screens
5. Reliable and trouble free vibrating mechanism
6. Ease of installation and maintenance
7. Trunnion suspension with heavy duty coil springs

dewatering screen
dewatering screen
dewatering screen
Specification of Dewatering Screens
Model Frequency
Screening Area
Process Capacity
Motor Power
Dimensions L×W×H
GT-936 1400 3.24 10-50 2×3 3840×1577×2630
GT-1236 4.32 15-60 2×3 3840×1877×2630
GT-1536 5.4 20-80 2×3 3840×2177×2630
GT-1836 6.48 30-100 2×5.8 3840×2477×2630
GT-2145 9.45 55-155 2×6.3 4740×2777×2630
GT-2160 12.6 90-210 2×8.4 6240×2777×2630

Note: Other Sizes, larger or smaller, can be custom designed to fit your plant's needs.


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